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Our office houses all the FCSS (Family & Community Support Services) programs as well as the programs for LFRN (Lakeland Family Resource Network) and SPYC (St Paul Youth Council). We have a community engaged board that consists of two town councillors and two community members who provide insight on community needs. With four full time staff members we rely on volunteers to ensure our programs are successful.

Lynn Smid -FCSS Director

Lynn joined FCSS in 2016. She has a strong sense of community with a passion for mentorship in youth. She developed the space we are currently lucky enough to enjoy every single day. Her commitment to her role and her community is inspiring. Raising two daughters and taking her career into her own hands has given her the compassion,  leadership and skills to develop and direct programs that create connection within our community. Connect with Lynn today by email

Brenda Billo -FCSS Program and Administration Assistant

Brenda joined FCSS in 2018. She is passionate about people and design. She'll be the one most likely to answer the phone when you call and create the advertisements you see up on communication boards and social media. Brenda has two teenagers that keep her on her toes and a couple side hustles that keep her connected to our community. She is always willing to help and if she doesn't know the answer for you she will ask around until she finds out. Need to connect? email her.

Kim Ouellette - LFRN Family Education Programmer

Kim joined the team in 2017. Her daily goal is to connect with kids in any way she can. She sings, dances, crafts, plays, reads, runs, jumps and skips! Simply put, she lights up when there are children of any age in front of her. Her passion for these youth in our community is infectious. Her background in child development and raising two kids of her own has given her the skills, experience and knowledge to connect. Want to go on a "bug hunt"? email her today!

Leah Burton - LFRN Family Educator Programmer Assistant

Leah is the newest member of our team joining us in October of 2021. She has years of experience with youth and families in our community, working with them and watching them grow. Leah has a welcoming personality that is calm and warm. Raising 3 teenage, almost adult daughters, has given her patience, openness, and knowledge of what it means to grow up in a rural community filled with digital noise. Need Support? Email her today.