Alberta Legal Information Society (ALIS)


Alberta Legal Information Society (ALIS)

Posted on Monday June 26, 2017 at 02:54PM

The Alberta Legal Information Society (ALIS) developed a free legal information website, called LegalAve to help guide Albertans to relevant resources when dealing with family law matters. The website links to resources from organizations such as the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta, Alberta Courts, Legal Aid Alberta, Native Counselling Services of Alberta, Calgary Legal Guidance, Student Legal Services of Edmonton, and many more. All resources are reviewed and approved for accuracy and currency by the ALIS staff lawyer.

LegalAve brings together existing public legal information to help people in Alberta dealing with family law issues such as separation and divorce, child support, custody, guardianship, parenting time, partner/spousal support, property division, family violence, and more. The website is written in plain language and describes the law in Alberta, the process to follow (such as court forms and court hearings), and common questions about family law issues. LegalAve also has general information about navigating the legal system, including out-of-court resolution options, working with a lawyer, community legal resources, and legal aid. The website’s "guided pathway" feature allows users to answer a series of questions about their legal issue and be directed only to the information that applies to them.

Author: Town of St.Paul F.C.S.S.


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