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Facts on Elder Abuse

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 Elder abuse is any action or inaction by self or others that jeopardizes the health or well-being of any older adult. Elder abuse can take several forms including financial, emotional, physical, sexual, neglect and medication. Often more than one type of abuse occurs at the same time. The two most frequently identified and reported types of elder abuse in Canada are financial and emotional. Who are the victims? Any senior can become a victim of elder abuse regardless of gender, ra... More...

Helping Albertans reconnect heat, power before winter

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 Helping Albertans reconnect heat, power before winter Alberta’s Winter Reconnection Program helps vulnerable Albertans get their electricity and natural gas reconnected for winter. Since November 1, the Utilities Consumer Advocate has helped reconnect 43 Albertans whose services were cut off during the summer. The program runs until Dec. 23. On average, the UCA helps reconnect 75 homes per year. As part of the program, UCA works with gas and electricity companies, social... More...
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